Q: Who is Magnet America / Where are you located?

A: Magnet America is the original producer of the yellow ribbon magnet. However, we do more than just make car magnets: we produce a broad range of magnetic and non-magnetic products, including decals, static clings, buttons, and wristbands. Feel free to browse our store to see our selection of stock items, or give us a call regarding custom orders! We are located in King, North Carolina, just outside of Winston-Salem.


Q: How do I care for my magnets?

A: Clean surface and magnet with mild detergent before applying. One vehicles you should remove and clean the magnet and surface daily. Do not use on horizontal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as automobile hoods). Do not use in temperatures exceeding 150 degrees F. Before affixing to metal surface be sure all paints, clear coats and waxes are cured. The approximate curing time for paint is 90 days, a clear coat is 60 days, and wax takes 2 days to cure. Remove the magnet by lifting entire magnet from the surface. Do not pull or stretch the magnet across the surface.


Q: How soon will I get my order?

A: Magnet America views every order as important and we make every attempt to get all orders out of our warehouse within 24 business hours, in many cases sooner. Car Flame magnets and Personalized Sports magnets are made upon order and usually ship within 3 business days. Shipping cost for orders under $50.00 is a $1.50-$6.50 flat rate (depending on items chosen), unless the customer chooses to pay for UPS shipping.


Q: Do you support any particular causes?

A: Many of our magnets are designed for non-profit organization for the purpose of fundraising. We have partnered with many organizations such as Autism society of America, etc. to help increase awareness. We have also donated to various organizations throughout the years like the National Down Syndrome Society, etc.


Q: What payment methods do you accept online?

A: We currently offer the ability to pay online with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Q: Is my information/shopping experience secure?

A: We understand that you're concerned about the security and privacy of your online transactions and so we use Comodo to ensure that your valuable data-- such as credit card details-- are safely encrypted when you interact with our site. 

We employ state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure safe and secure transactions to our site. Your computer and ours agree to transpose whatever we are sending into an unintelligible "hash" of characters, using a technology called SSL. Without the information on your computer or ours, no one can understand our encrypted communication. For your safety, please expect anyone who communicates confidential information with you on the Internet to use encryption.


Q: What is SSL?

A: Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, is the security technology for encrypting a link between a web server and a browser. All data passed between our web server and your browser remains private and secure. Whenever you communicate with us on our payment pages, a small yellow padlock appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser as a sign that we are now engaging SSL. (Another sign on some browsers is that when you enter the secure area of the site, the background of the address bar turns dark yellow or bright green. You'll also notice that http:// is replaced by https:// (The 's' stands for 'Secure').


Q: How do I know you are a real organization?

A: To generate an encrypted SSL transmission, a web server requires an SSL Certificate. Checking a website's certificate is good practice that helps you avoid spoof websites, sometimes called "phishing" sites. To check the certificate, click on the padlock. Your browser will show you the name of the owner of the certificate. This name should match the name of the website operator.

Our SSL certificates are issued by a leading certificate authority, Comodo CA. Comodo is Web Trust-compliant, meaning that their business practices and processes have been rigorously audited according to AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines by an independent approved auditor (Ernst & Young).

Comodo High Assurance certificates enable a high level of encryption. They also confirm that a company is a legally accountable organization.

To receive a High Assurance SSL Certificate from Comodo, we had to demonstrate to them that we are an existing business, along with our control over the domain you are visiting. When you shop online, you deserve to be know who you are interacting with.

Seeing a site with a High Assurance SSL Certificate, confirms two essential factors:

That you have a secure SSL (encrypted) link with this website

That this website represents a real organization

To find out more about SSL or Comodo, please visit Instant SSL.

Our site is a verified secure shopping site, protected by a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. You can click the Security Seal on any page to verify our corporate identity and that we are the owners of this web site. You can verify we are secure by looking for the lock icon to appear during checkout and by observing that the url prefix in the address bar changes to https:// to indicate a secure page. Also, we are proud to say we passed all the requirements for the recent changes in the Payment Card Industry requirements for online merchants. These new standards require online merchants to go through quarterly security audits of their webservers, local network equipment, and other electronic venues that a Payment Card User's personal information might traverse. The standards also dictate how any customer's personal information should be handled both online and in our local office. Our webserver and local equipment were also subjected to security scans of various sorts to check for vulnerabilities that might be exploited by hackers. These security scans found us to be safe and not vulnerable to any of the current methods of "hacking" or exploiting a remote machine. When you see the seal appear on our site with today's date you can know that our site has been rigorously tested for security vulnerabilities that day and has successfully passed all tests.


Q: Why should I buy your products?

A: We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product possible. The materials we use help to insure our products will not fade, flake, or chip. Also, with minimal care our product will never cause damage to your vehicle. Additionally, our products are made in the USA and thereby help to fuel the U.S. economy and workforce.


Q: Are your magnetic products safe/non-toxic?

A: The manufacturer of the magnetic materials we use in our products have assured us that they regularly test their magnets against the trusted standards on toy safety. These standards set maximum levels of soluble hazardous materials including arsenic, mercury, selenium, antimony, lead, cadmium, barium, and chromium. All of our materials have passed all of the aforementioned toxicity tests and fall within the levels required in these standards.


Q: What is Magnet America's Privacy Policy?

A: To view complete details of how Magnet America handles the private information of site visitors and our customers please Click Here


Q: What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

A: Being a small company we desire that you have the best possible experience in your dealings with us. If you ever have an issue with any of our products we would love to make things right. In order to complete a return/exchange of our products, please contact a member of our customer service department at 1-877-887-0905 to request authorization prior to shipping back your merchandise. To view the details of our policy please Click Here


Q: Who should I contact for.....?


A: For Sales, Order Status, Returns/Exchanges, or Order Questions:


Call 1-877-887-0905 Fax 336-217-8653 or Fill out this Form



For Custom Designs:


Call 1-877-887-0905 Fax 336-217-8653 or Fill out this Form



Sales Mailing Address:


Magnet America
512 Newsome Rd.
King, NC 27021



Corporate Mailing Address:


Magnet America
512 Newsome Rd.
King, NC 27021